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Personal Styling Touches I Loved This Year

Sunday Snack: Some Things to Read & Watch Over The Holidays

The Best Basics I Bought This Year

Saturday Snack: Gifts For Guys + Last Min Treats

Party Outfit Ideas Inspired By The Greats

How To Get Stoned Not Paranoid Plus What To Do If You Get Too High

Saturday Snack: My Wish List

More Or Less The Only Accessory You Should Buy This Season

The Best Gifts For Fancy Moms (Chosen By My Fancy Mom)

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Easy Ways To Style Statement Skirts (A How To)

A Quick & Dirty Roundup Of My Favorite Sale Finds

Gift Guide Part 3: Total Fantasy Jewelry Gifts

Gift Guide Part 2: Fashiony Things That Are Practical/Useful

How To Wear Sweatpants To A Party

Saturday Snack: Gift Guide Part 1

Rethinking The Style Classics

Saturday Snack: Good Girl Bags, Sunscreen, Hermes Giftables, etc.

Why I Don't Get Facial Botox Or Fillers & What I Do Instead

Sunday Snack: Leopard Sneakers, Perfect Boots, An Excellent Party Shirt, Philo-Esque Outerwear, etc.

How To Wear Crazy/Novelty/Fun Pants : Closet Cleanout Series

Saturday Snack: The best denim skirt, a violet sweater, a Raf for Jil-esque thing from H&M, a great face wash, etc etc

What Makes An Outfit "Good"?

Saturday Snack: An Excellent Size-Inclusive Dress, A Winning Hostess Gift, Vintage Party Favors, etc etc.

Layering Tricks To Make Your Basics Better

Saturday Snack: vintage Dior, Earl Earl merch, a stoner babe bag, vintage sconces, a perfect tee etc etc.

A Letter From Earl

Trends from Paris + the one conversation I had over and over again

Saturday Snack (on a Thursday) - Apple Leather, Red Red Red, and Vintage Watches

Saturday Snack: Packing For Paris Edition

Shopping The Classics - Crowdsourced Requests for Loafers, Trench Coats, Thin Turtlenecks, etc etc etc!

Saturday Snack: The World's Best Lip Balm, A Very Silly Alarm Clock, Perfect Ballet Flats, a Spectacularly Designed Vintage High Chair, etc. etc.

Closet Cleanout Series: How Many Bags Do You Need?

Saturday Snack: Perfect Sandals, Neon Blush, a Very Special Trash Can, an It-Dress on Sale etc. etc.

A Trend I'm Very Excited About Which Isn't Really A Trend

Saturday Snack - Vintage Denim, Leather Jackets, Vintage Jewelry, & A Rainbow Raincoat

How To Wear Color In Fall

Saturday Snack - Little Silly Shopping Picks

Closet Cleanout Series: Building A Pants Wardrobe - Part 1 of 3d

Little Things That Make My Life Better (Again)

Why Can't I Quit The 90s? (And Other Thoughts Of "Back To School")

Building A Shoe Wardrobe (You Probably Don't Need More Pairs) - Closet Cleanout Series

How To Wear A Denim Skirt: Pant Mom Becomes Skirt Mom

This Is Niche: Can You Make A Smartwatch Look Cool

3 Great Outfits - How to Look Like A Hot Guy This Summer

Earl's Guide To A Shopping Budget - How To Know What To Splurge On

Three Good Outfits: A Perfect Tee, And My Husband's Jeans

The Handful Of Trends I'm Excited About

Freddie Mercury - Icon of Summer Style

Crowdsourced Shopping: Bikinis that won't show your buttcheeks, mini dresses, little fashion pick me ups & more!

Best Of Designer Sales - (Mostly) $500 And Under Edit

3 Good Outfits: Travel Edition

Going OOO With Travel Tips from Yolanda Edwards of Yolo Journal

Looking Like A Hot B*tch: A Shopping List

The Little Doodads That Make Style Personal

How To Wear A Slipdress In Some Non-Obvious Ways

Dissecting Lauren Hutton's Style

Summer Clothes For People Who Hate Summer

Shopping The Men's Section

What To Buy A Mom

How To Wear Double Denim

What To Wear To Weddings

Going High And Low

Crowdsourced Shopping: Fun Heels, Pleat-Front Trousers, Easy Dresses, and Denim Skirts

The Things That Have Made My Life Better

How To Wear Wide Leg Pants - Fussing With Proportions

A Lesson in (Necklace) Layering

Heartbreak and Terror and Airplanes and Guns

Spring Break Packing List

What I'm Shopping For This Spring

The Best of Sale

What To Wear When You Feel Weird And It's Raining - 3 Good Outfits

Hunting The Best - Crowdsourced Shopping #9

Trying To Wear Color... 3 Good Outfits #5

Crowdsourced Shopping #8 - You asked I hunted!

How To Make The Most Comfortable Bed On Earth - From A Lady Who Knows

Breaking My Own Style Rules - 3 Good Oufits #4

Hunting the best - Crowdsourced Shopping #7

My Most-Posted/Favorite Things + Thoughts on Aging

You Asked, I Shopped #6

A goldmine of vintage Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

Dissecting 3 Good Outfits #3

All about this rich bitch hair

Dissecting 3 Perfect Outfits: All Pants!

Maternity style from someone who hated being pregnant

You Asked, I Shopped (Again, Again)

Styling AYR's Men's Pants

Jewelry & Undies I Love/Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Dissecting 3 Pretty Good Outfits

T-Shirts...a deep dive

Home Shopping Substack - my house edit!

This Newsletter Contains Actual News!

Best of the Best - again! You asked, I shopped.

And another time - you asked, I searched!

ONCE AGAIN! I hunted!

You asked, I Hunted! Your Most Wanted Items

The hunt for the perfect navy pants