I’m Laurel

I’m a former magazine editor (Teen Vogue, Lucky, Glamour, InStyle…) and the former fashion director at ByGeorge, and simply put, I love clothes. I love style, thinking about style, writing about it, getting dressed, and helping other people make better choices when it comes to bringing things into your wardrobe.

My general philosophy is that you likely don’t need more stuff, but you might need better stuff - things that will transcend trends and can be worn in a million different ways. I believe in sustainability through smarter shopping, and building a timeless, versatile wardrobe, rather than buying in to trends and more and more stuff for the sake of stuff.

My shopping-focused posts are free, but ones that are my in depth about styling, wardrobe curation, etc. etc. are for paid subscribers only.

I live in LA, I have two kids, I have a potty mouth, and you can find me on Instagram here. You can also book a personal styling session with me here, through Indyx.

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