Shoot, bought stuff but also thank you. I have something in drafts called "is blue sock the next red sock" -- so yepppppp. I want to wear with gold or silver shoessss. xoxo

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Loving the Yves Klein blue!!

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There's only 2 of the clare v necklaces left at my local store should I get it!?

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Cobalt for the win. My new fav color, along with my others.

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Yessss to the blue

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The blue!! Love, and I hope you're right in your prediction

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I’m feeling the cobalt & the Yves Klein blue too.. & anchoring somewhere in a bright turquoise..

These are the moments of ah!!!! New inspiration!! that grind against a no-buy-er’s will.

Ok.. sneakers for me too (tho don’t run.. but also rarely wear casually so I’m dipping toe in brown Row, which is, frankly a bratty way to start 🫣

Vintage/re-sale: .. aequamente black trous, tWO (ok veering into doubles.. damn) pairs of boots, GRENSON (also new.. 😬) & montellina alpine-y from TRR..

son is in GREAT movie (it’s what’s inside) premiered at Sundance 1.19 & a family doc here too... so mostly I’m congratulating myself for the self restraint..

It is SHOCKING to me how unconsciously I purchase things.. almost using it as a way to remember something I MIGHT want.. to “save myself the trouble” of remembering the book/clothing article etc...

So helpful to have you doing this as a reminder .. as.. I realize I only (& we are 21 days in) actually needed the one pair of snow boots 🥾


Onwards xo

In CT dad solidarity

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